Description Edit

WindClan, known for its loyalty and agility, takes reign over the open fields of the moor. Their bodies have adjusted to running long distances in pursuit of prey, or just for the leisure of enjoying the wind in their coats. Most frequently, they are lightly coloured cats with short fur and long tails; the short fur gives less resistance, and their tails help them rapidly change direction while hunting. Tallstar is known to have said, "We are the closest Clan to StarClan, spiritually and physically, and we always know our warrior ancestors are watching over us. That is what makes us strong. No matter what trials we must endure, WindClan will last forever." They are known for their love of open spaces, and are not used to wet ground; they prefer the soft grass of the moors, which they sleep on in good weather. Fiercely loyal and tough, WindClan cats are very spiritual and feel that sleeping directly beneath Silverpelt means that they are closer to StarClan. However, they can be nervous and quick to flee, due to the lack of cover on the moor. They end to be quick witted, but easily offended and more passive. Their leaders have been the least likely to start things with other Clans. WindClan is also the Clan with the most knowledge of twolegs, as they live the closest to them.

Prey and Hunting Edit

Because their main diet consists of hares and rabbits, they have to be swift enough to outrun them; they are definitely the swiftest Clan for this. Every piece of prey caught is a sign of a well trained warrior. WindClan cats also sometimes eat hawks and mice.

Past Leaders Edit

Tallstar → Onestar → Ashstar → Acornstar.

Past Deputies Edit

Talltail → Mudclaw → Onewhisker → Ashfoot → Heronflight → Icefur → Acornbelly → Coalnose → Cottonheart.

Past Medicine Cats Edit

Barkface → Kestrelflight → Tinystorm → Crowfrost → Lightningfang → Owlberry.

Significant Events and Politics Edit

NOVEMBER 2014–Finchwing dies by the lake.

DECEMBER 2014–Becomes allies with ThunderClan.

DECEMBER 2014 - JANUARY 2015–Affected by a blizzard.

ThunderClan: Friendly.

RiverClan: Tense.

ShadowClan: Neutral.

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