Description Edit

ShadowClan cats are well known for their ferocious fighting style and large, stocky bodies. They are also infamous for their behaviour; wily, proud, and easily offended, it is not hard to anger one of them. It is difficult to gain the trust of a ShadowClanner, and they are not particularly keen on developing friendships with cats in other Clans. Historically, they have been known for their ambition and constant desire to take over more territory. Stealthy due to their thick cover and frequent nighttime hunts, they are very wary of strangers and are not fond of allowing them to join the Clan. Regardless of how they treat potential enemies, they have very strong bonds with each other and do not hesitate to defend a friend in need. Blackstar said, "Few are welcome here, in our world of secrets and darkness. We are a Clan of cunning and cleverness, a Clan well suited to the shadows... No other Clan can walk the paths of night like we do. Other Clans may be faster or stronger, but we are the most dangerous warriors: fierce, proud, and independent. We are ruthlessly willing to do what it takes to protect our great Clan. There won't be any softhearted alliances here! ShadowClan will always be the dark heart of the forest." That said, they are very proud of being known for their fierceness. They can be misunderstood as power- and battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for more territory. ShadowClan cats tend to be proud, loyal, defensive, and slightly arrogant. 

Prey and Hunting Edit

They do have the smallest amount of territory and as such prey, and are ready to add just about anything to the fresh-kill pile. Their main diet consists of reptiles and amphibians, such as lizards and frogs. Sometimes they also eat pigeons, magpies, squirrels, mice, voles, and birds that have crossed ThunderClan's territory into theirs. They hunt best at night and are skilled at sneaking through undergrowth.

Past Leaders Edit

Brokenstar → Nightstar → Tigerstar → Blackstar → Rowanstar → Adderstar.

Past Deputies Edit

Brokentail → Blackfoot → Cinderfur → Blackfoot → Russetfur → Rowanclaw → Crowfrost → Adderclaw → Vultureheart.

Past Medicine Cats Edit

Runningnose → Littlecloud → Flametail → Flowerstream → Bluerain → Sedgeleaf.

Significant Events and Politics Edit

DECEMBER 2014–Skirmish against ThunderClan.

DECEMBER 2014–Mothpaw dies by the lake.

DECEMBER 2014 - JANUARY 2015–Affected by a blizzard.

ThunderClan: Hostile.

RiverClan: Friendly.

WindClan: Neutral.

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